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tv   Today  NBC  December 25, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning and merry christmas. we'll help you celebrate a day of family, friends, love and laughter, kindness and compassion. music and merriment as we wish you the happiest of holidays today, friday, december 25th, 2015. >> and good morning, everyone. we do wish you the happiest of holidays. merry christmas. thanks for joining us. merry christmas to you guys, too. >> merry christmas, guys. >> first christmas with wrangler so that's nice. >> it is our first. >> cool. >> and we have our christmas set out here. might roast some marshmallows later. >> might get toasted.
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the true spirit of the season with card nay nal timothy dolan. >> and a look back the at how we shared holidays with you. >> and music from the gramming award winning group train and a surprise hoda couldn't wait to give to her up before her fans. >> let's get to a chur with nbc's kristen welker. kiss ten, good morning to you. good morning to you. merry christmas, everyone. tens of thousands of faithful gather today for christmas day celebrations at vatican as pope francis delivers his traditional message. last night the pontiff celebrated midnight mass at st. peters basilica and urged the world's 1.2 billion roman catholics not to be in his words intoxicated by possessions and also sounded a cry to right injustice. today, american troops posted overseas are also taking time to mark christmas and remembering family members celebrating without them back at home.
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>> reporter: it was a somber christmas day in afghanistan where they honored six fallen soldiers killed in a motorcycle bomb attack called earlier this week. >> especially important here where we got the opportunity to remember those who we have also lost. >> reporter: more than 200,000 members of the military are spending the holiday far from home in 100 countries on every continent, from the korean peninsula in japan to the middle east. 3,000 are in turk to and another 5,000 just arrived in the arabian sea and 4,000 in the african country of djibouti where they celebrated with a special "feliz navidad." at military bases around the world they will be served up a holiday feast today with all of the trimmings. >> we've got about 500 pounds of turkey that's got to be cooked. we've got 500 to 600 pounds of ham.
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>> oh, my god. >> reporter: like specialist william marlow and his mom marry. >> nothing else i want in this world. got everything i want right here. >> reporter: a surprise christmas at home with family. >> kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. >> and we thank all them for their service. severe weather is making for a rough christmas in the deep south. at least 14 deaths are now blamed on storms that hit arkansas, tennessee and mississippi where there's now a state of emergency in seven count its. heavy rains are also drenching parts of the southeast. meanwhile, several western states got a white christmas much to the delight of these kids in california. in the east there's record-breaking warmth. washington, d.c. hit 71 degrees christmas eve breaking a record of 69 set in 1933. new york city also reached 71 degrees, breaking a 1988 record by 15 degrees. meanwhile, a tragic start to the holiday in charlotte, north
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police say it began as a feud among a group of people who knew each other. an off-duty police officer fatally shot an armed man who pointed a weapon in his direction. well, santa may be resting up after a busy night but fedex workers will be back on the job today. company says it could not make all its scheduled deliveries on time christmas eve so they will try today. they blamed the delays on the weather and last-minute online shopping surge. a check of the weather now. record highs in the east and temperatures 25 degrees above from southeast to new england and a frontal system will bring locally heavy rain louisiana northward to west virginia. flooding will be a possibility in many areas of the south today. it will be cool and pleasant for christmas day in most of the midwest. chicago will see highs today in the 40s. farther south dallas will be sunny and warm with a high near 70.
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the west will bring a new round of heavy snow and gusty winds to the rockies. up to 10 to 20 inches of snow is expected to fall today in the mountains in western colorado while salt lake city could see up to 4 inches of snow. and we'll be back after this. get to kohl's after christmas sale! starting 7am saturday with amazing early bird specials like 60 to 70% off plus an extra 10% off sweaters and fleece for the family! take 60 to 70% off outerwear for the family! and 60 to 70% off sleepwear for the family! save up to 70% on holiday trim! plus buy more; save more take an extra 15 or 20% off these already great savings! kohl's after christmas sale starts 7am saturday don't miss it! kohl's. >> jeremy: good morning, everyone. merry christmas. we have dry conditions out there. some localized areas of dense fog, otherwise partly sunny skies as we go through the day and another mild day ahead of us
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and lower to middle 60s with some rays of sun trying the filter on through that cloud cover at times. mostly cloudy skies tonight. a mainly dry forecast. through the day tomorrow a couple showers possible late. wetter chance of rain tomorrow night. better chance of snow and ice on tuesday. all right. kristen, thank you. as you get ready to dive into all the gifts under your tree it's also important to remember the real reason for the season. his eminence cardinal timothy the street. good morning. >> a blessed christmas to you and everybody. >> merry christmas to you. >> thanks for the invite. become a regular thing with us. >> i was thinking this morning you've preached a christmas mass so many times how do you make it fresh and how do you have it come alive for your parishioners? >> christmas is always fresh.
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the christmas gospel from memory they have heard that a hundred times. always brings tears to your eyes. there's a newness, a freshness there all the time and this year because we so crave the hope, the light and the promise, just the decency and goodness that christmas stands for because of what we see in the world. i mean, all the darkness, the violence, terror, the fear. people are saying i'm afraid. >> we need some good news. >> so when we hear to the angels say to the shepherds be not afraid, boy, do we ever need that. >> at my prayer there's we do the prayer for the people and you pray for the world. where do you even begin and what should our prayer be? >> the best prayer is to say dear god, you know our need better than we do, but you know what's good for us to articulate them because in doing that we're placing our trust new and we're acknowledging that you can bring healing that is way beyond us, so, savannah, sometimes just to say, lord, you know the troubles of the world as much as we do.
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are over what your creation and what's happening to your creation and what's happening to your beloved creatures. all we can do is trust in you and would you give us the grace to be an agent of the mercy and healing that only you can give. >> i love having therefore conversation with you. >> thank you. >> because we all love christmas. >> yes. >> and a lot of fun and joy and family traditions and eating and ripping open presents but how can we focus on this day and kind of get back to what really matters? >> well, can we go back to the eating part? >> yeah. >> that's why we love you, cardinal dolan. >> all right, focus. for us, for christians, for catholics, the focus comes of who has to be underneath the christmas tree, name lit crib scene. up until last night you have the beautiful crib scene of the manger the stable, the animals and shepherds and mary and joseph. up until last night that christmas eve, the manger, the
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with christmas we put the son of god, the savior and messiah in there. that beautiful simple manger scene that was a gift from st. francis of assisi, a 1,000 year-old tra dis. that's the focus and you know where you can see it. across the street at st. patrick's. 4 million people who walk through the cathedral and where you can see it the most is in the eyes of the kid because right away they are magnetized by that. nothing touches the human heart like a baby, right? nothing changes -- >> i'll agree with that. >> yes. >> nothing changes lives more than a baby. nothing gives new identity more than a baby. you weren't a mom and now you have a new identity because of that baby. that baby, the son of god, geezus, he gives us an identity. he gives us a purpose. he changes and transforms our lives, just lake a baby does in a family. there's focus of christmas. >> and i have to talk to you about your year. pope francis. >> ah. >> may have paid a visit. >> you were part of it, and i'm
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>> what an honor and neat experience. what are your favorite memories of that in. >> let me tell you the favorite memory because i used at midnight mass at st. patrick's cathedral. when we were coming down fifth avenue, savannah, exuberant crowds, the pope was waving t.greeting the hundreds of thousands from the pope mobile. looking this way and all of a sudden he stops and turns to me and says why are we stopping, and i said, holy father, there's st. patrick's cathedral, a, and he said it's right in the middle of everything. you know what he meant, most cathedrals are on top of a hill, fenced off, in a park area, a little aloof and he turns and he says but that's where it should be because god is in the midst of his people. that's what christmas is about, right. emanuel, our jewish neighbors will tell us you know what that means, god is with us. that's christmas. that's my memory of pope francis when he turned and looked at st. patrick's cathedral and said
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middle things. that's where god is. >> so many people of varying faiths have been really touched by his example and his words. what do you think his visit hered to the u.s. accomplished? >> you know what i'm amazed at and it's been three months now. most people wish they did, but most people don't remember his words. they remember his person ashe. they remember his gentleness. they remember his smile. they remember his gestures of greeting those who are obviously suffering and struggling. they remember, savannah, his humanity. there's the meaning of christmas, too, because god takes on a human nature. god's almost saying how can i get through to you folks? i know, i'll send my son as a babe, and that's what -- that's what i think people comment about pope francis, his humanity. he also reminds us. divine which isn't -- that's a great vocation. not a bad thing at all, is it. >> i know you're up on all your
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know if you ever read "the onion" and they had a funny headline, pope nervous for annual performance review with god. that made me laugh. that will get you thinking if we all had our performance review. >> you have to go to reviews every time. every time i go to a meeting they are kind of reviewing my work but ultimate review, of course, is with the lord. he's our boss and judge. >> and thankfully he's merciful. >> you bet he is. christmas morning, merry christmas. >> oh. >> a medallion about the holy father's visit to st. patrick's. you were a big part of it. >> will you give one to matt. >> and tell matt if i see this on ebay he is in trouble. >> and you know i'll be first to report it back to you. >> cardinal dolan. >> merry christmas. >> and your mom. >> i was so happy to meet her. >> so happy to meet you foorks. >> matt, we'll send it back to you. >> all right, savannah, cardinal dolan, thank you very much. the holiday spirit hasn't
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the presidential race, but christmas does offer the candidates a rare moment to pause, rest and, of course, reflect. here's nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: at the white house, not a white christmas but a colorful one, a display that delights like no other. >> it's the holiday time. >> reporter: this year's theme, a timeless tradition, one 68,000 people are discovering sending over the holidays, many sending season greetings to troops we lost. >> they say it's marvelous that they are recognized for their service and that they have given their lives for our country. >> reporter: gold star tree, one of 62 trees at the white house, including in the blue room, the official one, 18 feet full of ribbon, notes of love and hope. >> it's covered from trunk to tip with messages from military families to their service members stationed around the
7:14 am
>> local students write their own messages, their big dream, hang g hanging, and while you won't find snow dogs you'll find two real ones, sonny and bo, both holiday hits. >> the little children exclaim it's bo and sonny. >> five, four, three, to you -- >> from the season's kickoff at the tree lighting. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> to the first family's farewell before their a had aan holiday vacation, it's a whirlwind few weeks at the white house, and on the campaign trail, too, as the holiday season meets election season. 2016 contenders celebrating with holiday cheer of their own. >> this could be the first christmas picture without crying and anger sglesh here. >> showing off christmas cards
7:15 am
supporters, and in the carson's case it's all about the christmas carols. we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas >> reporter: and if you're doing last-minute shopping, looking for the perfect gift, try a political present, ornaments, mugs, even hillary for holiday gear. for some candidates though all they want from sante sax a storybook ending. >> please read this one, daddy. >> the senator who saved christmas. >> this is a good one. candidate hoping to make it to the white house next year will have to settle for now for the gingerbread version. hallie jackson, nbc news, washington? and, of course, we wish all the candidates a happy and peaceful holiday season. we're lucky enough to spend the holidays of view of the world's most famous christmas tree. millions of tourists make the pilgrimage to rockefeller center just to catch a glimpse of that tree.
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a 78-foot norway spruce that stood watch over four generations of the asendorf family to give their kids a places to climb and watch before it was brought to new york city adorned with five miles of light. >> can't look at the tree in your yard and say where did the tradition of christmas trees come from? nbc's kelly cobiella decided to find out. >> reporter: the black forest in the dead of winter where thousands of years ago people decorated their homes with branches from the evergreens as a reminder of spring, and centuries later with christmas trees. >> people used to go out in the forest to cut a nice tree for >> reporter: if anyone knows about christmas trees it's years. >> this one is close to perfect.
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>> reporter: here you can cut your own, not as easy as you think. it was a 16th century protestant preacher who brought the first tree indoors. legend has it martin luther was strolling through the woods one december night 500 years ago when he glanced up and saw the stars twinkling through the tree branches. he was so magical he decided to bring it home to his children with a real tree and candles for stars, but what about all the other decorations, where did they come from? a christmas market like this one is a good mace to find out. they used whatever materials they had back then. these cute little stars are made of straw and these are carved from wood from the black forest.
7:18 am
nuts and back then tinsel was made real silver. after a fortifying sip of hot spiced wine i'm for a history lesson. incredibly this small was one of the first to have a christmas tree in 1576. so this is sort of like a receipt for one of the first christmas trees. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: and it was queen elizabeth's german great great grandfather prince albert pictured on christmas card like this who started the worldwide craze for christmas. over centuries, our lives and the way we decorate our homes may have changed but the christmas tree has always been there lighting up our living room. oh, yes, the lies. remember the candles. they were started so many fires good old american inning out came to the rescue with the
7:19 am
bright idea that gives a clowe to christmas trees all around the world and to think it all began long, long ago with a tree in a forest. for "today," kelly cobiella, nbc news, germany. >> the lots of trivia there which is good. >> next cocktail party you can unload some of the christmas tree facts. >> very own traditional christmas tree and edge end has it the very first straw star was made by a shepherd girl after she saw the star of bethlehem. >> and the first glass balls called -- >> say that again. >> used the glass because he couldn't afford the walnut and other things they used to decorate the tree. >> coming up, a woman says it's not love that's all around.
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turning skeptics into believers. >> and a look down memory line and how we've celebrated over years here on "today." but, first, this is "today" on nbc. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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just ahead on this christmas morning, secret santa. presents. >> i'll tell that story when we get that. >> and whether you've been naughty or nice there's something for everyone on our 12 days of hot chocolate. >> i like that. >> how we are doctoring up the seasonal classic, but, first, on
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breakfast menu. yeah! it's time to start breaking some rules. on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> this is 7news now. >> nancy: good morning to you and merry christmas as we take a live look outside at boston. chris lambert has a check of the forecast for us. >> chris: merry christmas, nancy.
7:26 am
boston. 54 degrees we've had locally suburbs that. will go away within the next couple hours. overall enjoying the mild air today. temperatures running close to 60 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow afternoon mostly cloudy skies. us. more likely seeing the rain at night. >> nancy: chris, thank you. checking our top stories, a nightmare before christmas for a single mother of five in boston. she came home from shopping to find her closet filled with gifts ransacked on tuesday. all the toys were gone. police say someone broke into her home and several people, though, have now stepped forward offering to replace the gifts. and police say a report of a man throwing a baby into the merrimack river in haverhill was all a hoax. according to the "eagle-tribune," police arrested a 42-year-old mother and her 23-year-old daughter last night. they're charged with misleading police. we're back in 25 minutes with
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see you then. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. welcome, to the simply orange tour.
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7:30 now on this friday morning. it's christmas day, 2015. we hope you're having a wonderful morning with your family, those who have little kids v.been up for four, five >> yeah. >> they didn't sleep. >> tamron decided to join the fun. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas, guys. >> coming up, guys, we'll do a little christmas studio 1a style. spent a lot of holiday mornings with you throughout the year. most of the time we eat, we drinky we make merry. well, just ahead we're going to take a look back at some of our favorite holiday moments. >> all right. the weird, wild and wacky pop
7:30 am
reveal the most. the picks on a special "pop start." >> one best selling author says angels are with us all the time and as nbc's keir simmons explains she's turning skeptics into believers. >> there 's the father with a child and just watching his guardian angel has its wings open. >> reporter: lorna says angels are everywhere. >> from the time i was an infant, in my eyes i saw angels. >> reporter: angel sightings have been report around the world of the killing fields of world war i to back here. >> and this image appeared up on the security monitor and it was an image of an angel. >> reporter: on cc-tv, and social media. nearly eight out of ten americans believe in and else, according to polls.
7:31 am
maybe not in the most traditional and direction way but the angels are bringing us back. >> reporter: they exist says the vatican's angel expert, but they don't usually have wings. they look more like chards of light. lorna says angels helped her write a best selling book despite profound dyslexia. as you might expect, there are many who question lorna. this is lorna, and she -- i just wanted to know what you're seeing -- >> well, i have seen lots of angels around you and i see two angels of love around you as well. >> reporter: she tells the young couple angels will guide them through life, even their love life. >> that's nice for you to say that. >> my thought was terribly ridiculous. >> reporter: interesting, a nice thought but you don't really believe. >> it was if there was but i just don't see if. >> reporter: disbelief like that is not that unusual. >> i would often have later on a
7:32 am
especially men, come back and say i've changed my mind. >> reporter: 30 minutes later something stunning happened. he does come back. >> okay. >> okay, calvin. >> god bless. >> bye. >> he came back to say he was sorry he was a bit skeptd call. >> did he really? >> yes. >> reporter: how lovely is that. lorna lost her husband early. the angels predicted that, she says, but also told her -- >> you're a guardian -- your guardian angel does not leave you for a second and at the point of death has already taken hold of your soul. >> reporter: and now lorna just wants to help other families. >> they have love around them. two beautiful angels. you're not alone and i've been told you are good parents, you do your best >> reporter: idea that there's an angel looking after your children is very nice. >> yeah, it is.
7:33 am
is an open mind. do you believe in and else? you do. to see what lorna sees. for "today," kerreweer simmons, nbc news, dublin. >> wow. >> i love that idea. >> me, too. >> i think they are out there. they just take different forms. >> yeah. >> by the way, lorna's latest book "a message of hoped from the angels" is in stores now. >> all right. >> jeremy: good morning, everyone. merry christmas. we have dry conditions out there. some localized areas of dense fog, otherwise partly sunny skies as we go through the day and another mild day ahead of us with temperatures upper 50s and lower to middle 60s with some rays of sun trying the filter on through that cloud cover at times. mostly cloudy skies tonight. a mainly dry forecast. through the day tomorrow a couple showers possible late. wetter chance of rain tomorrow night.
7:34 am
tuesday. >> thank you so much. >> coming up next, the ghosts of christmas past. how we've celebrated the holidays throughout the years, but, first, before there could be a nation, to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medicine, science and engineering. our next mission could be anything. so we prepare for everything.
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you have to admit, you're looking awfully nice. oh just relax. it's gonna be a long time before anybody peeks at your undercarriage again. against the backdrop of that iconic tree the holiday season is always a special time here at rockefeller center. >> the pack six decades our day today family has celebrated with laughter and singing and some egg nog. a look at the fun we've had on the holiday over the years. >> good morning. this is "today." >> christmas morning, 19464.
7:39 am
like it stade de gerland i just stuck myself. ow! >> a cactus are you? know what the best thing about christmas, the presents. the music. they never let poor rudolph silver bells oh, night silver bells this christmas laughing all way the way, ha, ha, ha ring-a-ling holy night oh, my jolly have a holly christmas this year >> talking about the traditions of christmas, two words, egg nog.
7:40 am
>> fedex arrived with the egg nog. >> the tree is lit and so are we. >> we're back with gametime. this one is called picture this. this is a problem. >> what was it? >> that's ice skating and it's the rockefeller tree. >> thanks for playing. you go back over there. >> have you ever seen what they do out there? have you ever seen ice skating? >> and then you just turn etch-a-sketch upside down and shake and the picture disapeefrpts the fun and challenge of etch-a-sketch. >> you have brought with you a karaoke machine. >> a what? >> god bless you. >> oh, okay. oh, that's the wrong one. >> oh, sorry. >> this one. >> okay. i'm trying. i'm so they are vows! oh, that's so pretty. >> who like you more than you? >> get out of here.
7:41 am
on giving. >> congratulations. >> oh, mile gosh. >> a holk hogan action figure. >> and apparently mine, too. >> santatizer. chestnuts roasting on an open fire jack frost nipping at your nose yuletide carols being sung by a choir and folks dressed up like eskimos merry christmas to you frosty the snowman was a fairy tale, they say he was made of snow, but children know how he came to
7:42 am
call on your angels, let's go down to the city let's all crowd around the big tree, all you strangers you know me >> christmas, ringing bells of hope and singing carols for forgiveness in the high air and we look heaven wad and speak the word aloud and we look at our world and speak the word aloud, peace. and i'm wishing you a very merry new york christmas and a prayer ful ful peace on earth if not too late
7:43 am
christmas christmas >> love that christmas cactus. >> a cactus in a bag. >> i love it, i still feel a little wrongly accused. it's in a back so you should have seen it and known it was a cactus and then puttior hands around. >> do it for vale as a stocking stuffer and see how that goes. >> get her a porcupine. >> a christmas therapy session. >> probably would have known to look before they thouch. >> coming up next, santa fails, tamron in the original room with the most adorable photos you'll see all day right after this. i discovered a convenient way to moisturize every day. nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash... then i apply it to my wet skin. it moisturizes instantly
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7:48 am
welcome back to "today" on a christmas morning. some kids can't wait to sit on much. tamron is focusing on the latter. >> he's a joel man with a beard but it can be intimidating, let's face it, missing santa for the first time. don't believe me. take a look, guys. this is carson and siri's daughter london daly, not quite ready for her big moment but london is not alone. dana's toddler felt the same way. they split just different directions there, and from this one you have to look closely. jamie said the babies weren't having it. my middle son apparently needed to use the restaurant and my
7:49 am
smile on the one who has to go to the restroom adorable and look at santa, looks like he's in a state of shock. what's going on here? mary's son thought it was best to keep his distance. >> going to tuck and roll. >> and when all else fails, you know, one of the parents, in this case, dad, to play buffer here but santa did get success, wrangler and his friends, listen, they held a picture picture pose. there you have it. the goal for santa you but let's face it. you guys have kids. can be tough when you be might santa, big moment with the big guy. >> had a lot of explaining to do to try to get my kids on the lap. >> i thought you were going to say santa. >> tamron, thank you. that was fun.
7:50 am
add some music to your holidays. >> and coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel this test paper represents proteins in your skin.
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smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze,
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7:54 am
>> this is 7 news now. >> merry christmas, everybody. 7:57 as we take a live look outside. man, those roads look clear. let's send it over the chris lambert with more on your forecast. >> chris: don't expect too many people traveling out and about. 51 in plymouth. cooler north an west. we still have localized areas of dense fog, dense fog advisory south an west of boston until 9:00 a.m. look at, this though, upper 50s and lower 60ed this afternoon. could get a few sprinkles tonight, this evening. looks like a better chance of rain tomorrow night and a better chance of wintry mix, snow and
7:55 am
>> sarah: plus continue searching for man who fired a shot outside a prison in shirley yesterday, causing it to go into lockdown. corrections officials say they heard a gunshot from a wooded area behind a minute hum security prison and saw man running from the area. an accident on 495 in raynham overnight. you see this rv on the side of the road. the vehicle had been driving south across the median before ending up on the northbound side near exit 9. according to reports, one person was taken to the hospital. we're back in 25 minutes with paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves,
7:56 am
and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
7:57 am
good morning it's 8:00 on "today" and merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> good morning, santa! >> merry christmas to grampy and gramma. >> merry christmas to all our friends in switzerland.
7:58 am
tree at the "today" show. >> merry christmas on the "today" show. >> thanks for sharing part of this special day with us, today, friday, december 25th, 2015. and welcome back to "today" on this christmas morning. are we seen in switzerland? >> i hope so. otherwise those ladies are out of luck >> pulled out the old fishbowl on trending. this morning in honor of the day we'll dive into a special stocking of random questions. >> a special edition. >> a woman who got her big present a bit early thanks to a big surprise her family and hoda. >> we'll get to all of that and a check of the top stories from kristen welker who is filling in this morning.
7:59 am
>> families are returning to their neighborhoods in southern states hit by deadly storms and tornadoes. for many it's only to salvage belongings from homes that were destroyed. at least 14 people were killed by the violent weather with the worst of the destruction in mississippi, arkansas and tennessee. >> it was very devastating to -- to take the tree up and see everybody's belongings and christmas papers and everybody's limphood across their front yards. >> reporter: one growing concern is flash flooding in places like southeast alabama where 10 inches of rain caused sections of roadways to collapse. in northern california heavy snow forced drivers to provide provided the thrill of a white christmas for others. in record northeast record low temperatures had people leaving their coats and even sweaters at home.
8:00 am
thousands gathered for prayers for syria and libya and praised the countries who have taken in their refugees. and last night the pontiff celebrated midnight mass inside st. peter's basilica. francis urged the world's 1.2 billion roman catholics not to be in his words intoxicated by possession and he also sounded a cry to right injustice and a welcome taste of home is making the holiday a little easier for family service members serving far from home. troops in having feasted on ham and turk to and all the trimmings. a few lucky ones to the to enfay a family reunion. >> oh, my god, my baby. >> and not forgotten amid the celebrations are the six u.s. soldiers who lost their lives in aflg earlier this week. the mall gunfire that raised
8:01 am
the result of a long-standing feed among people who knew each other. panic shoppers ran when they heard shots and an on duty security guard shot the gunman. >> he pointed the gun in the direction of our officer. our officer fired his service weapon. >> reporter: >> no other arrests were made but officials recovered other weapons at the scene. the 1-year-old who was killed had a long police record. a cafeteria worker who was fired for letting a child have a free lunch. she let a girl had a a hot lunch that cost $1.70. girl was hungry and didn't have any money. school officials offered her to let her come back after an outcry on social >> jeremy: good morning, everyone. merry christmas. we have dry conditions out
8:02 am
some localized areas of dense fog, otherwise partly sunny skies as we go through the day and another mild day ahead of us with temperatures upper 50s and lower to middle 60s with some rays of sun trying the filter on through that cloud cover at times. mostly cloudy skies tonight. a mainly dry forecast. through the day tomorrow a couple showers possible late. wetter chance of rain tomorrow night. better chance of snow and ice on tuesday. all right. thank you. coming up. the kids who found one christmas present too big to pick up and chase and the special gift they found inside. >> plus, on "pop start" we have all of our favorites, but what is the most successful christmases of all time at box office? tamron will have the answer. and one our favorite surprises of the year. the unforgettable reaction when hoda showed up at her door, but, first, these messages. big news! the new sprint lte plus network is faster than verizon and at&t...
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8:05 am
we are back. special christmas morning edition of what's trending today, and i mean really special because here's your gift. i don't want a lot for christmas there is just one thing i need >> all right. >> this time i think we're probably a little holiday partied out, in jfnlt you guys like going to party. >> i do, yeah. >> hosting parties. >> attending. >> you don't have to be as responsible. >> that's true. >> this might surprise you. if you're a millennial you may just prefer to stay home. a story in the "new york times" called the death of the party. the story says, believe it orngtsd many millennials are
8:06 am
hosting or even attending parties anymore. they say they would rather stay home. there's two possible reasons for this. helicopter parent, keeping their kids on a very tight leash an technology, modern staples like instagram and netflix providing connection. >> that's not good. >> no more high school parties or keggers. >> some awkward dance moments. >> but, my nephew is 19. over thanksgiving and this holiday, snapchating every moment but not talking to everyone and looking at the snapchats being sent back to him. that is not a holiday. >> as long as there's wine, whether you're home or having a party. >> true. >> intimate gathering. >> all right. >> how about this one. two adorable kids in the uk probably got the best christmas present ever. their mother led them to this joined package that was set on the floor.
8:07 am
could an elf carry such a heavy gift and inside they found an in incredible surprise. >> daddy. >> daddy. >> daddy. >> adorable. >> here's what happened. that was scott stevens hiding under a mound of wrapping paper. been away three months serving in the military and fortunately he made it home in time to celebrate the holiday with his family. >> that's a gift that you'll always remember. >> that's amazing. >> beautiful. it's friday. we sometimes do friday fishbowl when we're running out of topics but instead of the fishbowl we'll do a christmas stocking. >> we'll put two minutes on the clock. >> we haven't started yet. >> two minutes on the clock. >> okay. >> i'm nervous. >> i'm like the schoolmarm. >> ready, go.
8:08 am
i'm asking santa to -- to make me life with me and my boyfriend better, even better. it's already great. even better. >> maybe santa can rewind the clock by 30 seconds. >> would you rather not celebrate christmas this year or not celebrate your birthday. >> i would rather not celebrate birthday. i want christmas. >> i agree. >> mine says would you rather make your partner's gift by hand or drink a gallon of egg nog. >> bring me the egg nog. i'm not kraflty at all. >> would you rather do all of the holiday shopping or wrap all of the presents. >> i'd rather do the shopping. >> do the shopping. >> that's more fun. >> i love wrapping. >> do you really?
8:09 am
nutcracker" or dance in "the nutcracker." >> i'd rather crack some nuts. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> back to hoda to make the relationship better. >> what holiday tradition can you do without? >> oh, my gosh. >> i love them all. >> got to be one. >> pictionar why. >> it's a do over for you. >> i wish my boyfriend was handsommer. >> it isn't christmas until my boyfriend kisses me. >> way to go. >> still have five seconds, hoda hoda. >> now to one of the most
8:10 am
all time and the pop culture moments most popular. tamron has "pop fix. " >> the website only looked as far back as 1910, no "miracle on 34th street," or "it's a wonderful list life" but in third place, "elf." >> yeah, buddy. i know him. starring will ferrell came out in 2003 and has earned more than $173 million. second place goes to the animated film "polarics press." million. >> and the highest greece grossing christmas movie of all time "how the grinch stole christmas" from 2000. jim carey has the movie itself. made $260 billion. >> made more than "diehard. ". >> that's not a christmas movie. >> and now tonight at the same
8:11 am
the weirdest and most unbelievable pop culture moments from 2015 and the gifts that keep going. john travolta reunited with adele and then went viral with this embrace of scarlet johansson on the red carpet. she said it would have seemed awkward but totally welcome and who could get scary lucy, the bronze statue miss that honored the great lose eel ball and ended up terrifying people. >> looked more like ricky. >> upstate new york, and in october statue was used in a real halloween haunted house so some good did come out of the whole thing and finally the celebrity singing competition that had everyone talking about, of course, the lip synch battle. i will always love i came in like a wrecking
8:12 am
i never head -- big wheel keep on turning, proud mary keep on burning rolling, rolling, rolling on the river because up town funk don't give it to you saturday night and we're in the spot don't believe it just watch >> there's hoda. the best all. that is your christmas "pop start." >> you did great. >> that was a fun day. >> all right. tamron. now the other reasons that hoda is here. we asked her to revisit one of our favorite stories of the year. we all love this one. >> so much fun. the idea was to take a fan's special day and dial it up just a notch so i headed to the high seas for the ultimate party crash. >> a thee-day carnival cruise from miami to the bahamas, the perfect place to celebrate a
8:13 am
you'd find me just hours after a live broadcast from new york. >> ready. >> okay. here we go. >> but, first, a little about the lucky lady behind this door. >> my mommed is the life of the room when are you are meet her. >> she is comical. everyone who meets her just loves her >> doesn't know a stranger. she would keep a shirt off her back. >> kateri worked on an assembly line at general motors for 33 years. as the primary breadwinner, she worked around the clock to put her three daughters through college and grad school. >> she's always doing for others and seems like nobody ever does for her. >> kathy's going on this cruise with her daughter buffy. she has no idea that her other two kid, africa and torry are each coming. they sneak on early to
8:14 am
she loves strawberry, chocolate strawberries would be great. >> meanwhile our crack camera crew wires kathy's room with half a dozen cameras with a letter saying a cruise director will come back. >> mom watches "today" every day and loved hoda. >> hoda kotb. >> talks to hoda like they are best friends, they love her. >> victoria and africa sneaks back to the can ain just as kathy boards. check her out. already partying. buffy distract mom until i get my julie mccoy on, and it is go time. >> they upgrade us. >> when she opens the door and she realizes who it is they are going to run from everywhere to see who died because she is going to see who died. >> ready, ready. >> it's huge, mom. >> yeah.
8:15 am
>> cat rin and buffy, welcome aboard. the crowds director will be stopping by. >> here we go. let's go. >> oh, okay the let sit here for a minute. >> okay. go check it out. >> hi. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, hoda. hoda, hoda kotb. oh, jesus. i'm going to have a heart attack. oh, jesus. oh, my god. oh, jesus. >> happy birthday. happy birthday. >> no you didn't, no you didn't. >> you know who did it. >> buffery did it. >> i can't believe it, you pretty girl. >> hi. >> here's what we're going to do. it's your birthday and we have a bunch of surprises for you. >> no, you don't.
8:16 am
we're going to do is a wine tasting. you don't like. i like chardonnay. >> you're the best, buffy. >> buffy is the best. >> is she your only daughter. >> i have two others but they couldn't come. >> but you have buffy. >> after a near heart attack we let kathy catch her breath for phase two. >> this is a first class wine tasting. got to swish it around. >> swishy wishy. got to close your eyes tight. >> what do you like better? >> that's delicious. >> i feel like we need something sweet. i think we have something even sweeter. turn around. >> oh! oh, guys. >> happy birthday. >> i heard a rumor that your mom
8:17 am
>> best karaoke queen. >> karaoke feels. >> but karaoke feels too small for kathy. >> i don't know about this. >> she's not sure. this is your headliner. let's give them something to talk about >> she just brings so much joy. i'm just thankful, know, that i am her daughter. >> she's always in my heart and in my mind. >> all the thing she does and all the things she's done for us nobody has ever said thank you. i just want to say thank you. >> make a wish. make a wish. >> i hope this day never ends. >> is she the best. >> how about that. >> oh, my gosh. really cool. well done. >> by the way, christmas morning. that hoda day was better. >> more cheer to spread this
8:18 am
of some ebbceptional children. the uniondale high school choir from uniondale, new york, listen. fill up the stockings cause we need a little christmas right this very minute candles in the windows, carols and the singing yes, we need a little christmas right this very minute climb down the chimney
8:19 am
need a little laughter and we need a little trappings, happy ever after need a little christmas now way oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse opened sleigh, hey jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way oh, what fun it is to ride et? in a one-horse open sleigh in a one-horse sleigh over the filds we go laughing all the way cats on bob tail rings and making spirits rise
8:20 am
song tonight snoetd oh, jingle pels, jingle bells, jingle all way oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse slay jingle beals, jingle bells, jingle bells oh, what fun it is to ride oh, what fun it is to ride in
8:21 am
jingle, jingle, jingle bells [ applause ] >> uniondale high school chorus. thank you. coming up, the best way to regift your unwanted presents, and i'm sure that won't be necessary when we have our own secret santa gift swap. we'll find out who got who after
8:22 am
>> this is 7news now. ism merry christmas, everybody. let's send it over the chris lambert with more on your forecast. >> chris: merry chris marks sarah. merry christmas, everyone. 53 in boston. sunshine in the city, as well. upper 30s, lower 40s in a lot of the suburbs. still have areas of dense fog out in norwood. it's becoming less widespread as it was earlier this morning, and we'll continue to see that yield to partly sunny skies and temperatures this afternoon once again on the mild side enter the cooler tomorrow. a little bit of rain arriving at night. sunday. look at that on tuesday. winter arriving with snow, ice
8:23 am
>> sarah: a nightmare for christmas. a sickle mother of five came home to find her closet ransacked. police say several people broke into her home. several people have stepped forward offering to replace those gifts. police say a report of a man throwing a baby into the merrimack river in haverhill was all a hoax. according to the eagle tribute, police arrested a 42-year-old mother and her 23-year-old daughter last night. they're charged with misleading police and filing false police report. an accident on 495 in raynham overnight. you can see this rv on the side of the road. the vehicle had been driving south and crossed the median before ending up on the northbound side near exit 9. according to reports, one person
8:24 am
my mom's name is irene, and she has alzheimer' s. adult daycare costs so much, i have to take my mom to work with me. eventually she' ll require around-the-clock care. i worry about what the next step is. my mom deserves the best care she can get. so i met hillary clinton. i could tell that she was moved by my story... because she teared up. being able to pay for daycare... to know that my mom is safe while i work so that i can continue to support us. hillary clinton has proposed real things that could help us. i'
8:25 am
>> hoppy holidays. >> from your girl, lovia. >> happy holidays, "today" show. >> merry christmas. for us it's all about family. >> favorite memories, caroling, all the neighbors at christmas time except j.d., never wanted to be that dorky. >> i think it's fun to be dork y y. >> running down the stairs and seeing the tree with all the presents, the smells in the house and it's -- just christmas is family to me. >> i'm clint black and happy holidays from the "today" show. >> would i like to say merry christmas and happy new year to
8:26 am
>> she made that sound so good. >> back at 8:30. love patty labelle on this christmas morning. love her and all our celebrity guests. december 25th, shall we mention, 2015 and here's hoping that you and your family have the best holiday ever. >> coming up, we'll pour a cup of cheer in the form of hot chocolate that packs a punch to make you feel warmy and fuzzy inside. >> and we'll be rocking around the christmas tree as train stops by to perform a song off their new holiday album. >> sometime to open the presents and our secret santa. we drew names and set a small limit. mr. lauer, you go first. >> when we did this and savannah looked and said who did you guys get? >> missing the point. >> yeah. >> so i actually drew savannah's name so what i wanted to do was
8:27 am
festive and also something that i knew you needed and would actually use. >> we had a dollar limit. >> oh, no. >> a dollar limit. >> i think 40 bucks. >> not $1. >> not $1. >> see, this isn't nice. >> it's a first aid kit because i'm always falling. >> yes. >> there's something festive in there also. >> what's the festive. >> no, no. >> there's lots of bandages and ace bandages and things but there is also -- >> i will use it. >> a christmas candle in there, isn't there? >> is it on fair? >> that was supposed to a christmas candle. >> i see knee sporin. >> triple antibiotics. >> wait, wait, wait for it. >> see, that's nice.
8:28 am
>> and some burn cream just in case. >> thank you so much, matt. >> really, shouldn't have. >> she's just slightly klutzy. >> decided to go the thoughtful route and actually got tamron, and tamron and i drew each other last year. >> yeah, we did. >> and when we drew the names i saw your eyes and i knew. >> you can't keep a secret. >> you don't have a poker face, but you give great gifts, i do know that. >> oh. >> it's a recipe box. >> with your own personal line. >> open an look at your recipe cards. >> where did you get that dress? >> from the kitchen of tamron hall. >> that's awesome. >> that's the sweetest thing. >> feel weird about your gift now? >> savannah, things. >> because tamron loves to cook. >> and i have a burn on my arm
8:29 am
>> and i have some ointment here. >> savannah, can i borrow your burn cream. >> that's darling. >> oh, boy. >> tamron. >> i picked -- i tell, right. >> sorry. >> is this really that complicated? >> i'm all caught up in my gift. >> natalie. >> yes. >> natalie we know is athletic, is on the go and no time to waste. she's a healthy eater and likes to splurge and have treats, too, and i went on the go natalie and healthy. >> that's not your gift. >> that's not your gift. >> here's what happened. >> oh, boy.
8:30 am
>> i love to sing. >> do i get to keep it? >> can i just tell you. >> they pull this off in elementary school. >> natalie. i have a recipe book. >> that can't be regifted. >> this is the other gift that we'll give natalie. >> this means i can sing out loud from all of you off of my iphone. >> i don't know. there's the other gift. >> gone so well so far. mine is for al. and al, i know two things about you. you love "star wars" and you do recently love your gin & tonic. >> this is a nice combo. >> "star wars" plantry glasses. >> very cool. >> and some gin.
8:31 am
>> daddy's about to blast off. >> and in keeping with the "star wars" theme. >> all right. because you know how much -- >> you may be taking the kids to go see it. i got you something that you could use. >> thank you very much. >> to go see that. >> oh, wow. >> a darth vader wunsie. >> may the force be with you. >> i will be wearing in. >> i know you will. >> this is cool. >> it's nice and soft, too. >> very, very nice. >> merry christmas. >> i got natalie two gifts. >> i love this one. too. >> this is the gift that's going to keep giving. >> we love our gift and would never re-gift and let's say you did wanted to. >> hi. >> first of all, you think re-gifting is okay? >> if done properly. you need to know who you're -- who gave you that gift.
8:32 am
you just want to follow some very careful precautions before you re-gift. easy. >> christmas is about getting and it's really about getting and you all got a lot of great stuff and maybe you want to give some stuff away. >> what's hard for people is give charities you can give it easy. called pickup please. go on their site and the they will pick up stuff in 24 hours. they will take close, run by veterans. >> there's also a way to use gift cards. >> absolutely. get a gift card to a "star wars" place our not going to use go to a website called and put in a name.
8:33 am
choose from over 250 places to give it to. >> merry christmas. >> do you have any first aid items. >> i give useful >> jeremy: good morning, merry christmas. we have dry conditions out there. some localized areas of dense fog, otherwise partly sunny skies as we go through the day and another mild day ahead of us with temperatures upper 50s and lower to middle 60s with some rays of sun trying the filter on through that cloud cover at times. mostly cloudy skies tonight. a mainly dry forecast. through the day tomorrow a couple showers possible late. wetter chance of rain tomorrow night. better chance of snow and ice on tuesday. ness. >> that's your latest weather. >> that went really well up. >> next a touching story on this christmas morning. how football brought together two families on opposite sides
8:34 am
we're back now with "together we make football," our ongoing series with the nfl where we highlight game changers on and off the field. for that we welcome willie on a christmas morning. hey, willie. >> good morning, guys. looking very fistive this morning, merry christmas. you're about to meet fourth of our five finalists competing for a trip to super bowl 50, and their story really captures what the holiday spirit is all about. family. >> hello, dear. we're so glad you came. >> during holidays families gather to take a photo for their christmas cards. >> we're all set. >> the picture of the hancock and childs family tells a story that began in 199 when the two
8:35 am
>> i was about 9 years old when he left vietnam. when communism took over, we snuck into the hold of a small fishing boat and didn't know where we were going or where we were going to land. >> in the aftermath of the vietnam war nearly 100,000 ref refugees fled the country. >> my dad seeing all of us malnourished, he said we won't survive too long unless we get off the island. >> that's when the hancocks sponsored the family which allowed them to come to seattle. >> at a 10-year-old boy who didn't speak english dume found common ground watching an expansion football team. >> they watched the seahawks and very quickly duke in particular was speaking really pretty well. >> i remember jim zorn could go trick plays. >> this is the kind of plays
8:36 am
>> it became a way to talk to them without knowing the full breadth of english. >> it's something we could all look forward to and all gather around and football is kind of unique that way. >> by the time the seahawks made their first playoff appearance in 1984 the family was struggling financially and had to move to los angeles to find work. >> we didn't have much in l.a., and local television at the time would televise only the raiders. >> knowing how much he missed his five lit team the hancocks got in talk. >> the hancox would record the hawks games on vhs and record three at a time and during that time that was my happy place and every week i opened up and there were videotapes, so happy to get them. i loved waiting, like christmas the whole year. >> a visit to the seahawks facility is a trip down memory lane. >> check it out.
8:37 am
the seahawks. >> hey, check it out. >> that was part of game when they did that trick play. >> and a chance for their hometown team to recognize a remarkable story. >> duke. what's up, duke? >> yeah! >> congratulations on being a finalist to get a chance to go to the super bowl which is awesome. >> you better win, right? >> fantastic. >> got a little ball for you, about being a finalist. >> really no, way. >> that's awesome. >> he's crying. he's crying. oh, wow. >> i love football because it's a language that transcends a lot of barriers. no words can truly express the impact it's made to give us a new life in the u.s. and the love for football. i would love to see the hancocks at the super bowl so the world can see what love and football can do. >> the most of the family lives in southern california and they do visit and keep in touched
8:38 am
duke and his boy play against the chiao and hancock family members. >> nice story. >> a reminder to catch sunday night football here hon nbc. the new york giants try to keep their playoff hopes alive against the minnesota vikings. >> well, just ahead, we're going to grab a glass of holiday cheer as we celebrate the 12 days of
8:39 am
winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. welcome, to the simply orange tour. this is our plant. these are our workers. and this, is upper management. but what you won't find around here, is any freezing, flavoring, or concentrating. which brings us to our end product. simply orange. honestly simple. that's just the night watchman.
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this morning on a special edition of "today food" we're toasting the 12 days of hot chocolate and thanks to special ingredients our spirits are very merry and bright. >> we love this guy. zane home quest is the corporate chef at skin, erickson lodge out in utah.
8:41 am
>> thanks for having me back. >> what are those? >> turtle hot chocolate floats which we're going to make. >> show us how we do it. >> have a little half and half because it's slimming. >> we're going to go with a little condensed sweetened milk. again, it's fantastic. >> do you use regular milk. >> this will keep you from adding more sugar. >> we'll just get this warm and add our shaved milk chocolate. >> a low heat. >> okay. >> once the milk is hot just enough to melt our hot chocolate and a little almond extract, the bitter almond will lighten it it up. >> it is going to be a later version, so a little caramel sauce. we'll take our nice milk shake glass. we've got tasters. >> enjoying.
8:42 am
salt. >> oh, my gosh. cream. >> come to mopa. chocolate. >> savannah said earlier she would like to bathe in this. >> that's true. >> gosh, that looks amazing. >> wow. >> with some pecans at the end. >> so good. >> voila. this looks like a great treat. >>y what the next one, maybe too many carols, talking on the she, going to make a little lemon hot toddy. what's a little. >> a shot or two. a little boil of water and fresh
8:43 am
anise and a bit of honey that will take the edge off the dave for cole and let it seep for three minutes and then we have the lemoncello, put a little anise in and a little ginger in. >> feel better already. >> the hot toddy right there. >> wow. >> what do you guys think of the hotted to? >> if i'm sick i'm having this. >> and a couple other ones. >> this is our dolce latte hot chocolate and then our little paer champagne, i don't mind if we do.
8:44 am
you did buy all at >> up next, a special holiday performance from train, who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread.
8:45 am
but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. we're back now on christmas
8:46 am
on holiday music. >> performing "have yourself a merry little christmas," here's train. have yourself a merry little christmas make the yuletide gay from now on our troubles will be miles away here we are as in olden days happy golden days of yore faithful friends who are dear
8:47 am
gather near to us once more through the years we all the will be together if the fates allow so hang a shining star upon up on the highest bow ugh and have yourself a merry
8:48 am
here we are as in the olden days happy golden days of your yore faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more through the years we all will be together if the fates allow so hang a shining star upon
8:49 am
and have yourself a merry little christmas christmas have yourself a merry little christmas now >> all right. train, thank you. again, the at bum is "christmas in tahoe."
8:50 am
gifts swiped from a home just days before the family was
8:51 am
now things are looking up after this holiday heist. two women are facing charges. police say they called in a hoax that had officers switching for a baby on christmas eve. >> searchers coming to a town stepping up to make a team christmas extra special this year. the christmas holiday celebrated around the globe today. how to pope kicked off the festivities at the vatican. >> mild day with temperatures near 60 degrees. how long will be mild weather
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